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A day out with the big boys!

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

The APP World Tour hit the Royal Docks, London on the 7th/8th July and we were there to enjoy it all!


You know when you come away from something, look at each other and say “What just happened”, well that was the APP World Tour in London back in July. Rewind a year to buying a cool domain name that we just liked and having that gut feeling that someday it would be relevant.

Fast forward to Friday evening at the Royal Docks and suddenly we were squeezed into a room for the race briefing with our top British racers and most of the world’s best!

Saturday was a bit of a blur as even though we were there to cover the UKN1SCO Inland Championships, we were laying the ground work for getting some interview time and introducing SUPjunkie to innocent and unsuspecting athletes. Big scoop for us on that day was grabbing Yuka Sato after her win on the Thames race in the morning. She was actually our first SUPjunkie interview on the Friday night (t-shirt on it’s way Yuka).

On Sunday we covered almost 20 interviews, blagged a boat to live stream the Pro races and most importantly, met some hugely helpful people and probably lost a few kilos with all the running and adrenaline rush on the way!

We knew standup paddleboarders were a good bunch and this was truly cemented by the approachability of these major stars with their professsionalism and generosity of time .

Thank you for letting us be a part of your day.

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