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Meet Sarah - founder of SUPJunkie

Stand Up Paddleboarding has been a big part of my life for over 11 years. After racing for five years, I became the Ladies 14’ joint overall UK National Series champion in 2017 and then promptly retired.


Antony - my great supporter through all my SUP adventures - and I were then both asked to be on the Events Team for the newly formed GBSUP National Series. At the first race, Mark Price asked me to join him in the Live Feed commentary and once I had grabbed the mic, I didn't want to let it go. This quickly led to the creation of SUPjunkie, designed initially to promote SUP racing at home and abroad and promote the National Series and athletes at those races. We felt this was especially relevant when travelling to major events abroad, to really bring the competitors’ stories alive to their friends and families back home. 
SUPjunkie was launched at the APP World Tour event in London in 2018, where we covered two major events and grabbed 32 interviews all over one weekend including the likes of Kai Lenny, Michael Booth and Casper Steinfath. It is still one of our absolute highlights. 
Since then, it has been a whirlwind of trips around the UK and worldwide, including China, Poland and France. 
Throughout these years, Antony has picked up the camera and taken some incredible shots whilst I have been busy on the mic. 
Since 2018, I have been writing for Stand Up Paddle Mag UK and its sister publication The Paddler, featuring SUP racing and adventure paddling and also including some interviews with great paddlers from all over the world. SUPjunkie Reporting in SUPM is a firm favourite with readers and has included monthly highlights of what’s been happening in the GBSUP National Series. 
None of this has ever felt like work and has been done on a purely voluntary basis, such is the love I have for the sport and there have been some great friends and collaborations made. I am pretty much a walking encyclopaedia on all things SUP related. 
We really hope you are inspired through the stories we tell. 

Sarah, founder of SUPjunkie, sitting on the grass with SUP boards
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